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Cemetery Fence Cemetery Fence

The Decoration:

A small fence encloses a cemetery, enhancing the scene.

Cemetery Fence Cemetery Fence


The instructions provided here are for an extremely basic fence. Very little work is involved other than the cutting and painting of the PVC piping. I have seen some instructions for extremely elaborate and impressive fences, and while I would have loved to have constructed something more more elaborate, I wanted a fence that I could build in the least amount of time for the least amount of money.

I did not use PVC piping for the cemetery fence that I created, as I suggest in these instructions. Fun 'n Folly donated several plastic devils' pitchforks for use in my haunt. I used these in place of PVC piping. My cross sections were long, thin pieces of wood painted black.


  • PVC Piping (or Devils' pitchforks, if you prefer)
  • Black spray paint (2-3 cans)
  • Sturdy wood or metal rods (For mounting the fence)
  • (Optional) Plastic skulls or other decoration for the tops of the fence rods
Approximate Cost: $25.00


  1. Cut the PVC piping. You need several pieces as long as you want your fence high. You will also need long pieces to form the cross sections of your fence.

  2. Paint the PVC piping with black spray paint. Do this in several thin coats to prevent dripping of the wet paint and chipping of the dry paint. It will probably take 2-3 cans to coat the entire fence. Even so, do not buy a cheap brand of spray paint. It will not work nearly as well as a respectable brand, and you will end up spending more in the end. Krylon is a good brand and sells for under $3 per can.

  3. The easiest way (ie: the way I used) to assemble the fence is with black electrical tape. Lay all the pieces on the floor in the positions that you want them, and lay the cross sections over the top. Now, wrap the electrical tape around each place where the tubing intersects.

    Shawn assembles the fence

  4. If you want your fence to be more elaborate, you can decorate the top of each rod with a small plastic skull painted black, or any other cheap, small decoration you can find. (In my case: Pitchfork heads.)
Displaying the Fence:

To display the fence, simply find some long, sturdy metal or wooden rods and stick them in the ground at intervals matching the spacing between the fence rods. Place the fence on top of these rods in the ground so that the rods go into the PVC piping.

Cemetery Fence



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