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Rickety Floor Rickety Floor

The Effect:

Guests are walking along a hallway when the floor suddenly jolts to one side as they step.

How It Works:

The floor is made of two boards of plywood supported down the center by a thin length of wood. The first board is stablized with additional supports underneath, but the second board rocks freely from side to side, only supported in the center.

Rickety Floor


  • Two large plywood boards
  • On thin length of wood
  • (Optional) Thick Carpeting
Approximate Cost: $8.00


  1. Place the thin length of wood on the ground, and lay the two boards centered on top of it.

  2. Now, nail the thin length wood in place from the top of the plywood boards. That is, the pointy sides of the nails should be in the thin length of wood, and the heads should be flat with plywood board. You may need to use other wood to prop up the board's sides so that it doesn't wobble while you're nailing.

    Rickety Floor

  3. Use smaller pieces of wood the same height as your thin length of wood to prop up the sides of the first board. Nail these in place in the same manner that you secured the center support.

  4. Once you have your wooden floor built, you will need to add something to prevent people from tripping when they step onto the board. I layed a long piece of carpeting across the entire floor and taped the ends down with duct tape. This created enough of a ramp that guests would not trip, while still allowing the board to rock. If you are so inclined, you could build a wooden ramp up to the raised board, or sink the board into the ground if the situation allows.

    Rickety Floor Rickety Floor

  5. If you have any space to either side of floor, use other pieces of wood to make it level with the raised walkway. You don't want someone's foot to get stuck between the wall and the floor.

This is a good place to put your strobe light or fog machine. This will add to the disorientation and enhance the effect of the rickety floor.

You may be able to loosen the nails in the center support so that they make a creaking sound as guests walk across.

As with the Walking Through Cobwebs effect, you will most likely want to save adding this effect until last. You don't want to have to walk across a wobbly board whenever you need to get somewhere in your haunt.



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